Sunday, August 7, 2011

Twins Day

This weekend we went to twins day.  We only stayed for a little bit because it was so unbearably HOT!  We went for the first time last year when the girls were only 10 weeks old, we did not stay long then either and had the girls covered so no one could touch them. 

Its crazy the amount of twins that are there.  Every where we turned, everyone would stop us to take a picture with the girls. We didn't let strangers hold or touch them the first time we went.  But this time they wanted to walk and be out of the stroller.  Everyone wanted to hold them.  Ian and I had a hard time with this.  The good thing is the girls wouldn't go to anyone due to stranger anxiety, we held them in the pictures with the other twins.  We get a ton of attention when we are out in public, which makes it hard to get things done; but nothing like we got at twins day.  It was unbelieveable!

We entered the girls into a contest expecting them not to win compared to the other children that looked exatly alike.  It was the female a-like 1-2yrs old contest.  Well we didn't expect it, but we won 2nd place!  I have a fear of talking in front of large crowds, and stage fright and I still have it.  I didn't know what child I was holding on stage!  At that moment I couldn't tell them apart!  (There will be a post soon about whether they are identical or fraternal)

Here are some pics from the festival!

Right before the contest, we were up against 10 sets of twins

Pic of the four of us.  We are drenched in sweat, it was literally a faucet running down our face. 
Zoey and Daddy 

Harly and Mommy

the two little girls in the yellow outfit were the first place winners, tried gettting a pic of all 4 girls (1st and 2nd place winners) obviously not possible!  The girls in the yellow were adorable, especially their curly hair!

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