Monday, August 1, 2011

doctors appointments

I hate taking the girls to the doctors.  It has nothing to do with the doctor, or shots; it has to do with other parents in the waiting room.  Some times I envy the parents because I wish I was able to have Ian at all the doctor appointments, and some times I just don't like them or their comments.

I have been taking the girls to the doctor's by myself since they were born.  Ian has only been able to make it to one, and I had help two days after we got home from the hospital because I was not allowed to drive.  Unfortunately, my husband does not have the luxury to work at home or take time off, and his job requires him to travel.  You see those moms with only one child and their husbands with them.  The last couple visits I have had a few comments from those people such as:

How do you do it with twins and shots?  Once the doctor gives one her shots I take that one and have a minute to comfort her and let her know that it is ok, then the second one gets her shots and I hold both of them  and comfort them, since at this point they hate the doctor and won't go to her like they do when they first see her.

Then they usually say, I still don't know how you do it, I can't even do it with one.  ARE YOU SERIOUS.  It takes two seconds for shots, it is beneficial to the child how can you not do it?

Last they ask where my husband is-  (In my mind I am thinking, it is none of your business where my husband is, you don't know me)  But what comes out very nicely is he is at work or he is traveling. 

But then there are some really nice people.  They treat you like a human being and they don't judge you or they praise you for being able to handle twins on your own.

the funny thing is, I have such a strict schedule and routine that it is easier for me to do it on my own than with help.  I have a routine when I go to the stores, doctors, bank; and it works for me and the girls.  I may only have 20 minutes in a store, but I have my list and know the store inside and out.

there are some really cruel people in this world today and it is unbelievable.  In a later post I will tell you some comments I got that were not so nice.  I just want to know who raised these people, where they got their manners, and who made them god to just come up to me and criticize me.

I do the best job I can with my girls and my husband and I are raising them in a christian home, will raise them when they are old enough to understand to be repectful, and to not judge people because you don't know what kind of situation they are in.

I am a very shy and nice person; I don't have a mean bone in my body.  I don't ever throw out mean comments to people even though I would love to, to the mom who is beating her child in the other aisle.  I will never give a mean response back even though there are times where I would love to.  God is the only one who can do that and he will have his time with those people.

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